Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Sorry for the absence I'm in the depths of taking my GCSEs most of them are IGCSEs so that makes things a little harder but Ive just got to eat and sleep well and try to keep my energy up. So far I have done all my french exams a history exam an english language exam and a chemistry exam.  Up until recently I thought that knitted swimwear had definitely died. It was something crazy that used to be done in the 40s but no one does it nowadays. Recently on instagram the account shemademe which features crocheted bikinis which look interesting. I'm not a bikini person but they even make one pieces.

Wool and the Gang have just bought out the Teeny Tiny Bikini they are being sold for £25 which is a good price considering how much ready made crocheted bikinis are. The bikini isn't actually suitable for swimming in as when cotton gets wet it sags and droops not something you want your swimwear to be doing. Even though I don't suit bikinis this is something unusual that I'd love to have a go at. It's time to do a little bit of sibling bullying. I feel like this is either going to be a big trend next summer or remain a rather underground trend due to its difficulty to pull off.


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