Friday, May 16, 2014


I recently had my last day of school before exams and I wanted to get my form teacher a present. She is also my art teacher so I didn't want to get her flowers or something boring as I knew she would appreciate the time that had gone into dying the wool. I followed quite a rough experimental method that worked but its probably not "correct" dying but it was fun and easy.

1. I soaked my wool in a bowl of warm water for 20 minutes this allowed the fibres to loosen up so that they can absorb the dye later on.

2. Whilst this was happening I covered my workspace in a black bin bag, so that I didn't stain the table. After this I poured 1 sachet of Lemon Lime into a glass and another sachet of Berry Blue into another glass then i added around 100ml of water to each glass. I think poured part of the blue and part of the green mixture into another glass to create a turquoise colour. Because cool aid is acidic you do not need to add citric acid to the dyes.

3. Roughly drain the water off of the wool but make sure the wool is still damp. Pour the dye over the wool in random patterns whatever you like. I was boring and did sections as a different colour.
4. Put your wool into the microwave for 20 seconds then leave it to sit for 2 minutes repeat this process until the water around the wool is completely clear this means that the wool has absorbed the dye.

5. Hang your wool somewhere warm to dry, I hung mine by the aga.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and happy dying!


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