Sunday, January 12, 2014


 Skirt - Handmade
Top - Zara 
Shoes - Dr Martens
          I finished my circle skirt yesterday. It was my second circle skirt but i made the whole skirt by myself this included inserting my first zipper and doing the circular hem. 
          I loosely followed this tutorial it was useful for showing you how to make the pattern for the skirt but for sewing the skirt I relied on advice from mum as the video was a little vague. I added interfacing to the waistband and stay stitched the hole in the middle of the skirt so that it didn't warp out of shape. I was going to use a rolled hem foot to do the hem of the skirt but as it as my first time i found it hard to control the rolled hem foot around the curves so i just rolled it twice by hand, pinned the hem and then pressed the hem.
          Overall I am very happy with my skirt as I had wanted a tartan skirt but most shops had them in kilt shapes which don't suit me or I just didn't like the fabric. 

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