Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I am so happy that its Autumn. I love autumn and winter they are my favourite season's. Everyone moans about the cold but that means blankets, jumpers and snuggling in bed when its really cold at night time. I think I prefer the colder season because I'm quite a hot person so in summer i end up getting too hot and sweaty and i don't like it. Autumn and Winter also mean more time at home and inside which means more time to craft! I have been knitting alot more recently and i think im going to start blogging about craft a lot more than i have been and i will be putting up some DIYs soon. Also i have been going into christmas idea OVERLOAD this year! So look forward to some december DIYs.
     I also love october because I have settled back into school after a very hectic september so i can begin blogging consistently again and I have a half term , 2 WEEKS OFF, coming up as well!


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