Monday, September 9, 2013


          Hello! I haven't blogged since 19th august. This is because we went away very shortly after this for a last minute holiday to CALIFORNIA and this week I have been back at school which I needed to adjust to.
          Every year at school they give us homework diaries. The design is never great. They always feature peoples art work on them but the artwork never goes with the schools branding. It's a mess. And if i'm using something everyday then it has to be pretty! So I came up with this diy!

You will need

A notebook
Origami Paper
White Acrylic Paint
PVA glue
*I did another 2 coats of white paint over this*
1. Paint your notebook with the acrylic paint. It will give a good base for the paper to go on. If you skip this step and you use light coloured paper you might be able to notice what was underneath. My notebook took about 3 coats and an extra coat of paint on the darker area.

2. Measure your notebook. My notebook was 14cm by 21cm. You need to find a common factor. The common factor of 14 and 21 is 7. But a 7 by 7 inch square would be too big! So i did 3.5cm squares on my notebook. Calculate how many squares you will need. Measure carefully and cut these out of your origami paper. You can use as many different papers as you like. I used 2.

3. Glue your squares to your notepad carefully. Let it dry.

4. Seal the notebook by painting with pva glue watered down a little or using modge podge. I used modge podge matte.

Now you have a new notebook that was easy to make!



  1. Love this! You did great spicing it up plus its way more fun to look at this when in school!

  2. Fun DIY! Hope you had a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  3. That's a cute idea. I like the contrasting patterns