Thursday, May 23, 2013


 Emma chapman is the co-author of A Beautiful Mess, one of my favourite blogs and before that she ran a blog called Food Coma! I love her recipes, the nutella cookies are the BEST! 
1. What is your favourite thing about blogging?That we get to give it away! We love developing and selling products, but our favourite is when we get to give it all away and share it with everyone! Blogging is pretty much just that, you get to give content away for free. :)
2.  What is your best blogging tip for a small blogger (like me)?

Keep going, enjoy it and take the best photos you can!

3. How do you stay inspired?

I try to do creative and engaging things that have nothing to do with my job to help me stay inspired. I try to keep up with hobbies that I don't blog about (like reading novels!) or I try to keep a project or two going that I don't plan to show anyone. That way, I feel free to experiment and just have fun and if it turns out bad it doesn't matter. You gotta give yourself freedom to fail.
4. .How do you stop procrastination when your work for yourself?

Make to-do lists and do them. Sounds simple, and really I guess it is. But I try to make a to-do list everyday and just work toward marking everything off the list. It keeps me on track and feeling accomplished everyday.
5. What’s it like working with your sister?
We love it! Neither of us would be where we are today without each other. Elsie is my business partner soul mate. 
6.  What is your favourite recipe of  ALL TIME?       Baked macaroni. I LOVE it. :)
7.     When did you learn to cook?
My mom, cookbooks and the internet. I haven't taken any cooking classes (although I would love to some day) so I've learned everything I know from experimenting and the advice of others.
8. Do you have any tips for writing recipes/exploring in the kitchen?

I think exploring in the kitchen is the best thing that anyone wanting to learn can to. I also think that's the best attitude! That exploring is the key word, just try to it out and see what you like. 
9.What inspired you to make an app?
We wanted to find a way to help others add cute elements to their photos. We do this with lots of our photos and we always get questions about it. So we wanted to create something that could be really affordable (like an app) that users could use to trick out their cute photos too!

10.  What is the best thing you have learnt in the creative business world?
Remember to keep things professional. Even if someone hurts your feelings always keep your language and actions professional. And then the second thing I would say is to repeat your successes. If you have a big winner find a way to do something similar. Finding ways to let your customers respond and then taking their feedback into consideration when developing projects is great.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about Emma! All the photos in this blog post were from A Beautiful Mess. Thank you for being my interviewee Emma. 


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  1. cool nice to hear Emma's side of things, I didn't know she used to have a cooking blog cool :)