Sunday, May 5, 2013


1. JELLY SHOES I remember having a pair of these when i was little and i used to wear them on the beach and in the sea! I bought a pair and since the seaside is stony where i live paddling in the sea won't be as painful! My mum said that when she was my age you could buy these for £1 a pair!

2. DIANA CAMERA I have some diana lenses from christmas to use on my canon so i would be good to get the base camera! And i would like to get into film cameras as i love my instant camera but its expensive to run and a new camera for summer would be fun!

3. KNITTING PATTERN BOOK I like the kits that she makes but I'm fussy about the wool that i use but the patterns in the book looked really nice.

4.TANK TOP PATTERN I like this pattern it looks simple but really versatile!

5.LIFE STORY DIARY i have started many a diary but never kept them up! i love that this diary is so big! It would hold a lot of years and pictures and memories. I really want to start a diary because i don't want my teenage years to sleep away without me realising or recording anything.


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  1. That camera is so gorgeous! I love the minty green xx