Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I'm going to the Isle of wight festival! It was pretty last minute but I'm going with one of my best friends. This will be my 8th festival, So with 8 festivals experience I'm going to tell you what my day essentials are.

HAND SANITISER - You have no idea what you will be touching and the porterloos are normally gross.

TISSUES- The porter loos run out of toilet roll pretty fast and you'd rather be safe than sorry.

WATERPROOF PONCHO- You never know what to expect with the weather, These poncho's are cheap and fold up really small but are very useful. They are more expensive at the festival so its better to take your own.

GLITTER- You will need glitter at some point.

UV PAINT- Colourful face time!

WATER BOTTLE- No one wants someone passing out on them in a crowd from dehydration so d-r-i-n-k.

RUCKSACK- you will need a bag to carry all this stuff in. Make sure its zipped up.

BUMBAG- To put under your clothes and to keep your money and phone in so it is close to you and cannot be stolen.

GOOD SHOES- Wear your most comfortable pair of shoes you will be walking a lot.


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