Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Floating Cranes...

 So I saw this picture on tumblr and I loved it! I am a serial crane maker. I will just sit and make lots at a  time or none at all. So when I saw the picture I knew I had some cranes around the house so I dug them out and started to think how I was going to do it.

1. I used 5 cranes you can use more or less. Decide on an order. You will also need a sharp needle and some white thread.

2. Knot your thread and push a needle through the cranes hole at the bottom. The needle will poke through the top at the centre. Stitch around the top in to secure.
3.When the base crane is fully secure thread another crane onto the garland using the process above. Choose your spacing between the cranes i chose 7cm. Hold the crane at a 7cm spacing and pinch it to hold it there sew as you did the other until its secure continue doing this until all cranes are on the garland.

4.When all the cranes are on the garland leave a length of thread long enough for you to hang it up.. TA DAA you are done.
This is the garland in my room.



  1. This is so freaking adorable. What kind of paper did you use for the cranes?


    1. You can use any paper! But i used special origami paper as its perfectly square and easier to fold. I bought it from hobby craft, which is like the english equivalent of hobby lobby i think! xxx

  2. Love these! I actually helped a friend make some of these for her wedding. So much fun! Happy Valentine's Week! Xo, M at BT