Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Venice was lovely. It was so beautiful. Here are some photos from my trip.
This was our gondola man. I like how the hand is in focus but his faces isn't as much and then the background is very blurred.
This lady was drawing the bridge of sighs from memory using charcoal whilst people watched. We bought this drawing. She was extremely talented.
The pizza's in venice were sublime. There is a fugifilm of me and grace behind the pizza we sent this to our grandparents with a postcard.
 The GELATO was so good. The regulation price seemed to be 2.50 euros for 2 scoops which was actually pretty good! It was this price at most of the places even St Marks Square which is renowned for being expensive!
(I didn't take this Grace did)
Me in a post-ice cream intense stair. This picture is so serious of me but I really like the slightly present almost dreamy background in contrast with my immensely serious intense face. It's quite funny. I also like how it wasn't posed she just caught me. I'm sure this isn't the end of the venice posts. I saw so much.


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